Sponsoring & Cooperation

We’ve chosen to work together with the following partners based on our convictions and commitment to social responsibility.


Prisma supports the Austrian Paralympic Committee.

We never cease to be impressed by the extraordinary successes of athletes with physical disabilities. Overcoming one’s own limits is a topic that is familiar to all of us, and it is all the more relevant in disabled sports. We sponsor the Paralympic Committee because of our admiration for their incredible achievements, and our commitment to the social equality of people with disabilities.
Paralympic Committee

Austrian Paralympic Committee



Prisma is a partner of the WirtschaftsClub (Business Club)

The WirtschaftsClub, an initiative of the daily business newspaper WirtschaftsBlatt brings together some of the best minds in the Austrian business world. Entrepreneurs, CEOs and management board members are invited to debate issues at high-quality events. Prisma is the sponsor of that initiative.


Prisma supports the Verein für Credit Management Österreich (Austrian Credit Management Association)

In line with its motto of “by the credit manager for the credit manager”, the  association is seeking to raise awareness in Austria of the importance of credit management. Prisma supports that ambitious goal, since it is also a topic that we take seriously.
Verein für Credit Management Österreich (Austrian Credit Management Association)

Verein für Credit Management Österreich 

Prisma is a member of the Federation of Austrian Industry, Vienna

The Federation of Austrian Industry (IV) is a voluntary interest group that has some 3,500 members. Its key objective is to represent the interests of its members in Europe and Austria in a targeted and sustainable way. Under the motto of “Performance with responsibility”, IV pushes for conditions in Austria and Europe that promote growth, employment and prosperity. Federation of Austrian Industry, Vienna

Industriellenvereinigung Wien

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