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The new PRISMA website featuring the new ACT – the Acredia Toolbox.

You’ve surely already noticed the bright red header of the new Prisma website, unless it’s subtly hidden behind the grey “information about cookies”. If you agree to the use of cookies, please click on “OK” to see the header.
ACT – the new Acredia toolbox
In the bright red header, you can select the desired language and, most importantly, access the new Acredia toolbox by clicking on ACT.
ACT gives you an overview of the products and services provided by Prisma credit insurance – an Acredia Versicherung AG brand.  Under “ACT” you can find apps containing online tools and further information on online Prisma solutions.
Play it safe in one click
You can access the following tools and information in ACT in one click:

    Information about PRISMA.SELECT – the first online credit insurance. 
    Search. Click. Secure. To take out credit insurance, you just need to register.
    New ACT (Acredia toolbox) functions, and news about products and services.
    A list of terms related to credit insurance.
    Contact details of the Prisma branches in Vienna, Linz, Graz and Innsbruck.
    The link to the online platform for credit insurance customers. If you haven’t registered yet, find out more about PRISMA.NET here.

Just click on the PRISMA logo to return to the Prisma website, or on ACT to return to the user interface of the toolbox at any time.

19 April 2016