For project deals – cover for capital goods.

With capital goods deals, it’s usually difficult to predict accurately the creditworthiness of your customer and how their business will develop. With projects lasting up to five years, unforeseen risks may materialise at any time, so it takes a lot of commercial daring to carry out such deals on credit.

A strong partner is needed that is aware of all the risks of project deals thanks to many years of international experience. In other words, your insurer needs to have not only expertise in checking companies, but also extensive experience in handling project deals that have gone wrong.

The insurance that always pays off.


Our experts check the creditworthiness of your customers at home and abroad based on the reports of third parties, balance analyses and personal discussions. By completing the Prisma Invest question form, you authorise us to perform a credit check, which is subject to a fee.


The check is geared to the key aspects of your transaction. If the credit check is positive, we’ll provide you with an offer that is tailored to the given transaction. The premium is based on the duration of the project and the credit limit.


We support you right from the start of production until receipt of the last receivable. Our debt collection team also supports you in the case of lengthy late payment (payment default) to ensure your liquidity. If your customer is unable to pay, we’ll indemnify up to 80 percent of your loss.

Optional services

    Your costs are insured from the time you start producing.
    You retain your liquidity, even if your customer can’t pay. 

Prisma Invest – tailored to you and your requirements.

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